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Nikki Bellio



“Artwork can inspire, calm, motivate, raise spirits.   It is a powerful way to touch our fellow human beings for the common good.   In a world where we are bombarded with negative images, art can be a source of joy and comfort.”

My desire is to create images in watercolor that can improve people’s lives and add beauty and peace to their homes.   My artistic journey began when I was very young.   I loved doing anything creative.   When I went to college I chose a school where I could emerse myself in graphic design and photography.   After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA and persuing a career in graphic design, I realized I wanted to do something more floral and switched to wallpaper and textile design.   That love of nature and flowers in particular has led me to continue with that subject matter in my watercolor paintings.   The captivating images of the desert are the inspiration for my present works of art.   It is exciting to resume my fine arts watercolor career and so refreshing to put hand to paint and paper once again!

"Awakening Desert" watercolor

Prints are available in various standard sizes: 8 X 10", 11 X 14", 16 X 20", cards and larger giclée prints available. Call Nikki for pricing.

"Flower Pots" watercolor

"Cerus Blooms" watercolor

"Fantasia" watercolor

"Desert Fruit" watercolor


"Momentary Essence" watercolor

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