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GTA1   Red Hot Prickly Pear
Exciting Acrylic by Gay Thorson.

JTB3   Oil Painting by Judy
Thorson VanDerBilt.

JTB3   Sahuaro Moon, watercolor by Judy
Thorson VanDerBilt.

This Gallery has paintings, photos, prints and colorful notecards.
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Any painting here by Gay Thorson or Judy Thorson VanDerBilt is available as a print or note card, blank inside.   Order individual cards of any painting or photo, or a note card can be made from a photo of any jewelry or ceramic item seen in my other galleries.   Note cards are $1.75 each or purchase 10 cards for $10.   Just call or email me the numbers of the pictures and the quantity you would like.   Order matted prints in 5 x 7 mats (3 x 5 print -$5),   8 x 10 mats (5 x 7 print -$9),   11 x 14 mats (8 x 10 print -$14) or 16 x 20 mats (11 x 15 print -$24).   Quality off-white beveled mats are included FREE with each print. Larger print sizes are available by special order.

GTA2 -HOPI KATSINAAcrylic by Gay Thorson,
depicting an old style Hopi Katsina dancer.


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