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"When the power of Love replaces the love of power, that is when the world will know Peace." --anonymous.

"Working on "IANDS Pastel"

      Artist Jack Bybee, with a BA in Studio Art, is also an experienced Technical Writer who resides and works in Tucson, Arizona.
      Originally from South Africa, Jack has seen a lot of the complications in life, yet the simplicity of his deep felt philosophy --Peace through the Power of LOVE over the love of power-- can be seen in his art.
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JBMM12, JBMM, JB11   Title: Meditative Moments     Price: COMMISSIONED   Size:       Medium: Pastel (NuPastel Rembrandt and Sennelier)   Ground: Wallis Belgian Mist and White paper   Comments: With the Signature Piece Tucson Open Studio Tour - 2006 already in the client's collection, this commission was fulfilled with the request: "…in pastel shades, allow me to escape into it…." A Monetesque image offset by the artist's insertion of the Malachite Kingfisher on the right, turning it into a unique African expression. The ability to 'escape' was facilitated by the sparseness of detail in the middle module.   Collection: Beth Harrison, PhD., Ohio.

JB012   "Rowboat in Reeds."   Price: $5,300   Size: 36" x 15"   Medium: Oil   Ground: Board   Comments: Down at the vlei, Zeekoeivlei [the marshland of the hippopotamus] near Cape Town, a fisherman has beached his boat. The renown South African Impressionist, David Botha, created a similar image at a similar location (Langebaanweg) back in the 1960's. This was created from a photographic reference.
*To read the further description of this image's creation, Click here.

JB014   Title: 'Zeekoeivlei' (The Marsh of the Hippopotamus) near Cape Town.   Price: $1,500   Collection: The Artist.   Size: 32" x 15"   Medium: Oil.   Ground: Board   Comments: Zeekoeivlei is a wonderful bird-watching site.   This image was created from memory, colours are not that exaggerated.   Used as a study for Rowboat in Reeds.

JB17   Title: IANDS Pastel Virginia Beach.     Price: SOLD.   Size: Size? How large is a large pizza box?   Medium: Pastel   Ground: Wallis White paper.   Comments: This spur of the moment image, was created at the IANDs Conference, Virginia Beach in 2006.

JB033   Title: The Marmot Hole - Sabino Canyon.   Price: $575.00   Size: 20" x 14"   Medium: Sepia Ink   Ground: Fabriano 140lb paper   Comments: Sitting lunching, munching in the desert, a raggedy, chaotic old thorn-bush and a mysterious rodent's hole caught the artist's attention.   Then followed studies of the bush, then studies of the rodent's hole, then the desert, and finally, this image received the acclaim it deserved... from numerous instructors at the University of Arizona.

JB053   Title: Study - Waterlillies.     Price: $275   Size: Approximately 12" x 30"   Medium: Pastel on acrylic wash   Ground: Canson Mi-Teintes paper   Comments: Study for Open Studio 06 Signature Piece.

JB019   Title: Early Waterlillies     Price: NFS   Size: 12" x 20"   Medium: Acrylic   Ground: Board   Comments: The very first image created upon arriving in Tucson, Arizona. Possibly drawn to the longing for water and green of the Eastern Seaboard.   Collection: The artist.

JB022   Title: West of Old Baldy Madera Canyon     Price: $375   Size: 16" x 22"   Medium: Pastel   Ground: Wallis Belgium Mist paper   Comments: Having nearly reached the top of Old Baldy, before darkness forced the party off, this image was created the next day with vows of reaching the summit!   The texture and colours of both the grasses and the foothills especially appeal.

JB002   Title: The Veldt - near Madera Canyon     Price: $275   Size: 17" x 24"   Medium: Pastel   Ground: Canson Mi-Teintes paper   Comments: The beauty of Madera Canyon is known throughout the Southwest,if not beyond.   Inside the canyon is one thing; however, this image was created near a friends' hacienda at the mouth of the canyon.

JB029   Title: Where Two Fences Meet on 4th Avenue.   Price: $620.00   Size: 16" x 22"   Medium: Pastel   Ground: Wallis Belgium Mist   Comments: Until this image was created, the serene beauty of this location and the cool amidst the desert heat, perplexed the artist.   The residence in the distance, is hardly apparent, obscured by the gnarled old mesquite tree and cool green vegetation, and the fact that two styles of fences are brought together on the corner, under the tree.

JB025   Title: Memories of Equatorial Sunset on the Veldt - Zimbabwe     Price: $378   Size: 16" x 22"   Medium: Pastel   Ground: Wallis Belgium Mist   Comments: The African sunset is usually spectacular, closer to the equator, even more so. The colours of the grasses in the veldt (prairie) radiate the warmth, danger and drama of Mother Afrika.

JB31   Title: Cactus in Alleyway II   Price: $375   Size: 16" x 22"   Medium: Pastel   Ground: Wallis Belgium Mist   Comments: A more representational rendition of cactus in an alleyway in Armoury Park, Tucson.

JB052   Title: The Old Mesquite on Mountain Avenue   Price: NFS   Size: 18" x 28"   Medium: Acrylic   Ground: Canvas   Comments: One of the artist earlier works in Tucson. The colours and the aridness were especially appealing at that time ...they still are.   Collection: The artist

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