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Kay F. Smith began carving wood over 30 yrs. ago after a lengthy hospitalization for depression.   Her art work frequently involves original carvings in combination with an assemblage of found objects.   The focus of the carvings includes archetypal images, mythological characters, Old and New Testament figures as well as saints, demons and dreams.   Some pieces are whimsical while others haunting.   The artist reveals the naïve honesty of the subconscious intent on expressing itself. With no formal background in the arts, Ms. Smith’s work can be categorized as “Outsider Art.”

The artist completed a Master’s degree in Social Work in 1980.   Kay has worked as a social worker for over 30 yrs.   Most of this has been in the non-profit sector advocating for the poor and disenfranchised.   In 2003 she was awarded the “National Social Worker of the Year” in Washington, D.C. by the National Association of Social Workers.

Her home is Tucson where she lives next to the desert in an adobe home she shares with her partner, 2 dogs, 1 cat and a garden that is bird and butterfly friendly.   Most of her carving is done on her large back porch facing the Catalina Mountains.

"Angel of Despair" wood carving, found object, paint 6 1/4 " wide, 2 1/2 " depth ,10 1/4 " height

"Black Madonna" carved wood, found object, cow bone, glass, copper wire: 8" width, 8" depth, 18" height

"The Owl was the Baker's Daughter" wood carving, beads 10 1/4 width, 9" depth, 8 3/4 " height

"Eve" wood carving, manzanita twig, berries, copper wire, 3 1/2 " width, 6 3/4 " depth, 15 1/2 " height

"Kwan Yin" wood carving, mesquite and cottonwood 13 1/2 " width, 8" depth, 25 1/2 height


"Noah with a Dog" 8 " width, 10 depth, 14" height

"Looking into the Abyss" wood carving,

"St. Francis" wood carving

"Angel of Despair" wood carving,


"Musica de las Madres" wood carving,


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