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Meet Shelly...

Shelly was born and raised in Northern China in a region called "Shanxi".   She studied for years the human physiology and musculature in her training to learn the correct pressure points to practice the ancient art of acupressure, the same points used in acupuncture with needles.

She also is trained in Foot Reflexology, which is the knowledge of the exact spots on human feet that correspond to each area and organ of the body.   In some cultures, the feet are considered the second heart.   The body also eliminates toxins through the feet.  

She works, generally, for $100 per hour or $2.50 per minute, depending on the treatment.
People have reported relief from pain, muscle pain, stroke recovery, obesity and many other conditions.

"I had severe pain in my rotator cup and after two treatments by Shelly, my pain was so much better and my range of motion more than doubled."   C. Evans, Tucson.

With the knowledge and years of training and experience also in Chinese Herbal Medicine, she is a skilled practitioner to help relieve pain and help the body to heal itself.   In China she is considered a doctor. She is not licensed to practice medicine in the United States.

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